I am a 23-year-old Finnish photographer with a culturally colorful background. Being born in Stockholm, later at the age of eleven moving to Turku, and living with my multicultural Finnish-Kurdish family, have all not only developed me as a person but also influenced me as a photographer. I have come to appreciate diversity in life and find it beautiful.

Photography is my way to show people my thoughts about this world and to let them know that doing what you love is what ultimately makes you happy. I believe it is the key to a better and healthier world and by doing what I love I encourage others to do the same.

I specialize in portrait, fashion, and documentary photography, but as I am very open minded and always looking for new challenges I'm open for any of your requests and ideas! I am fully committed to what I do and love every second of it, and my goal is to create something fresh and unique just for you. I am located in Turku, Finland, and do gigs all over the country and occasionally in neighboring countries as well.

- "Nuoren turkulaiskuvaajan otokset lumoavat katsojan", 2016, Turkulainen
- "Sara Lehtomaa kantaa mukanaan kristalleja", 2016, Kamerakoulu.fi
- "Galleri: Sara Lehtomaa", 2016, Studentbladet
- "The Talent Report: Sara Lehtomaa", 2013, OPPA! Magazine

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